What type of grant request does the foundation consider?

The Graef Foundation only considers grants for special projects and any support for salary or administration grants will not be considered.

Am I eligible to apply if my project resides outside Nevada?

Yes. The Foundation accepts requests for projects located outside Nevada.

When are the application deadlines and when will they be reviewed?

Application deadline is May 31 st to be considered for the current year. The Trustees meet between July 1 and October 31 to review the applications.

What happens if I turn in my application late?

Applications must be received and postmarked no later than the deadline date of May 31st to receive consideration by the Foundation’s Trustees. If your application is received after the deadline, you MUST resubmit a new request with updated financials to be considered at the next annual board meeting.

How often can I apply to the Rodger and Kate Graef Family Foundation?

The Rodger and Kate Graef Family Foundation will consider a grant request from an established non-profit once a year. The foundation will not consider requests for multi-year projects and programs.

What amount will be considered?

Grant requests will be limited to $20,000.

NOTE: Please send an original and 5 copies to the following address:
The Rodger and Kate Graef Family Foundation
c/o Private Wealth Management of US Bank
2300 W. Sahara Ave. Ste.200
Las Vegas, NV 89102