graefpicweb3Thank you for your interest in the Rodger and Kate Graef Family Foundation. The Rodger and Kate Graef Family Foundation is a broad purpose private foundation that responds to requests deemed most appropriate to “promote the welfare of the public.” The Graef Foundation only considers grants for special projects and any support for salary or administration grants will not be considered. The Foundation considers charitable projects located in the United States. The Foundation does not make grants to individuals or private businesses. The Trustees will not make more than one grant to an organization during a twelve month period. Grant requests for multiple year projects will not be accepted. The Trustees meet annually between July 1 and October 31 to review all grant request applications submitted by May 31st to be considered for the current year. The instructions for completing the application and a list of additional material to be attached to the completed form are available here.

Grant Applications MUST BE SUBMITTED prior to May 31 st to be considered for the current year.

PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT US BY PHONE. Notification of approval or disapproval of your request will be by letter approximately two – three weeks after the meeting date.